So last week, I experimented a bit with cupcakes with my sister. I found a tube of mint flavour and decided to try my hand at a cupcake idea I saw posed on Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. We had originally intended to attempt to make a Mint Hot Chocolate cupcake but in the end, given the lateness of when we started, we simplified it and tested just the mint chocolate cupcake and used Peppermint frosting that I picked up at Christmas time.

We used Devil’s Food cake mix and that was a mistake. Devil’s Food is too strong of a chocolate flavour that it overpowers the mint despite me using the entire tube. You can still taste a bit of the mint but it is barely there. Its more of a mint after taste. Our second mistake was the Peppermint Icing. It is Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Peppermint and it is way too powerful for even the really strong flavour of chocolate in the cupcakes. Its almost like having a really powerful toothpaste as a frosting. We tried to see if we could core the cupcakes instead of frost the top and even that was still pretty strong.

I think on my next attempt of these cupcakes, I will use milk chocolate cake mix (which the mint flavour tube recommends anyway) and I will make my own mint frosting or do a marshmallow frosting if I am really feeling experimental. But overall, the cupcakes are tasty! Just not exactly what we were aiming for.