Well, Nick ended up getting to Houston a day early lol. Wasn’t due until tomorrow. Oh well. He will be well rested when going to work tomorrow.

Zoe is making great strides in her learning things, but she is becoming stubborn and trying to get ahead of herself. She has barely gotten the hang of crawling and she is already moving on to pulling herself up on everything and trying to learn to walk. We literally can not keep her down. And bedtime is a trial now that she can pull herself up in the crib. I laid her down in the crib to go to sleep, and left her drowsy and nearly asleep. All was quiet and so I sneaked down the hall intending to peek into the bedroom only to see her standing in the crib just patiently waiting for me. When I laid her down again and left, she was crying and when it had escalated to hysterical, I went back in and found her standing with one hand on the crib rail and she was hysterically screaming. I finally managed to get her to sleep but it took some doing. And now I am completely exhausted!

Being a parent is the hardest job I have ever had!